A Letter From a Client

todd-niceTI Websoft’s team is absolutely amazing! I have been in the Wholesale travel industry for 20 years. Working with wholesale travel we have regulations and stipulations we must abide by in order to show our clients a massive saving on their hotels. Hotels display rates on their websites which they claim are the “Best Rate Guarantee”, however they contract with Wholesales such as our company at a huge discount far below those “Best Rate Guarantee” rates, therefore we cannot legally display our rates to the public showing them the hotels are full of crap.

Our clients must have a User ID and Login in order to see our wholesale hotel rates. I have hired more than 5 companies to build our reservation system that ties in the big 3 Wholesalers thru an XML Feed on each platform. Each wholesaler has over 40,000 hotels in their inventory so the download and API not only must pull the hotel information, photos, description and rates from each wholesaler but it also must then take the common hotels and only display the lowest rates from each wholesaler so that our clients are assured the absolute lowest rates Guaranteed.

All this must be done in lightning speed. Each wholesaler runs on a completely different platform which makes this one of the most challenging builds given the size of the data and the different platforms that TI Websoft had to convert into one platform. TI Websoft not only got further than any other development team that couldn’t finish the project but they actually helped fix issues on all the Wholesaler’s platforms along the way.

These are multi-Billion dollar companies and TI Websoft was fixing their coding and was able to point out their coding errors and send them the fixes. This made Membership Travel look like heroes even though it was TI Websoft ingenuity. TI Websoft was able to complete the fully build out and achieve what I thought was impossible… Which was to make our reservation system the fastest on the market.

We  have a reservation system that is now scalable to handle more than 15,000,000 current searches simultaneously without giving up the integrity of the download speed and crashing from user overload. I could only hope Membership Travel users can one day challenge those 15 million simultaneous searches. And if that days comes, I can honestly say I would take that Pepsi challenge any day!

If you have a project they can do it! Seriously don’t waste money on any other company just do it right the first time with TI Websoft.